BioZest Energy Drinks – Concentrate

One litre of concentrate BioZest Energy Drink makes 5 – 7 litres zero-sugar, low GI, nutrient rich drink filled with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals to conveniently assist consumers sustain energy, lose weight, control blood glucose and hydrate the body.

Diabetics consuming Biozest Energy Drink regularly with meals might:

  • Experience tighter blood glucose control
  • Improve average blood glucose levels (HbA1c) which might help reduce neuropathy risk and heart failure
  • Prevent hypoglycaemia
  • Lose weight

Compared to a zero carbohydrate-containing drink:

Biozest Energy Drink does not reduce blood glucose immediately after consumption like a zero carbohydrate, artificially sweetened drink does, thus helping to prevent hypoglycaemia at times when blood glucose might be low before meals or if the drink is not followed by a carbohydrate containing meal.

Biozest Energy Drink induces a lower blood glucose peak after consuming a similarly carbohydrate loaded meal.

Biozest Energy Drink causes blood glucose to reduce quicker towards normal / ideal level following a carbohydrate containing meal.