Elaine’s Birding & Wildlife Products

Through Elaine’s passion for birding, Elaine’s Birding & Wildlife Products was established. It aims to encourage people to enjoy nature on their doorsteps and to appreciate the special avian blessings that we have in Africa.

We are proud to say that all products that we design and produce are hand crafted. Elaine’s Products are pure home grown South African products and a firm favourite amongst bird lovers world-wide. All the products are set apart by their vibrant creativity, from bird feeders to our famous “Bird Grub” suet for wild birds.

No messing around with cheap fillers as only the best ingredients are used to give garden birds a head start, helping them through the harsh winter months, and through the busy summers of moulting and breeding.

Notice: the bird factory and bird feeders production facility are working at full capacity, occasionally we experience a backlog of orders.

We therefor ask you to accept possible delivery delays of up to 1 week depending on the products that are ordered. We apologize for the delay and ask for your patience in this regard.

Browse through the range of Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, Bird Food, Bird Seed, Bird Fruit Feeders, Bird Nectar Feeders, Bird Nesting Boxes and Suet Bird Food.